Deep Blue Sea 3 Is In Development, May Premiere On Netflix


These days, sharks sure are a popular commodity when it comes to horror/science fiction flicks. I mean, they’re not exactly blowing up the box office, yet the beasts always manage to attract a fair amount of viewers. If you don’t believe me, then clear your weekend schedule so that you may binge six Sharknado movies and Sharktopus, or possibly even The Meg if you’re looking for something that had a decent theatrical run.

If your thirst for blood and salt water can’t be quenched by those though, then you’ll probably be thrilled to learn that Deep Blue Sea 3 is actually in the works. In case you missed it, a followup to the 1999 original was indeed released in recent years – even if a bit under the radar. But I guess it generated enough interest to warrant a third go-round.

Right now, details remain murky, as the only info known about the production is that Netflix is listed as producing. Based on that, I’d think the film will debut on the streaming service itself, but we can’t get too ahead of ourselves. Furthermore, it’s probably at least a couple years away from release if it’s so early in development.

Having enjoyed the first movie which starred the likes of Thomas Jane and Samuel L. Jackson, I’ll likely check out the threequel at some point, even if I wasn’t all the impressed by the second offering. In my view, the original was essentially a marriage of Jaws and The Poseidon Adventure. I think the followup tried to recapture that in some respects, yet it seemed like we were watching a handful of people arguing more often than not. Really, it was one of those instances where you’re watching something, your mind drifts, and then you ask “this is still going on?” ten minutes later.

Regardless, we’ll keep you posted as more details regarding Deep Blue Sea 3 emerge. That said, you’d be well-advised to keep watching this space.