The Defenders’ Rosario Dawson Looks Incredible As She-Hulk In New Fan Art


It’s well known that Rosario Dawson is a bit of a geek and has found herself fortunate enough to land a variety of roles in adaptations of numerous comic books. From starring in Sin City to voicing Wonder Woman in several DC animated films to now enjoying a recurring role in Marvel’s lauded Netflix initiative (Daredevil and the upcoming The Defenders, to cite a couple examples), Dawson’s eclectic career shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite already having those credits on her resume, she caused many fans to perk their ears when recently stating that she wouldn’t mind assuming the role of She-Hulk on the big screen if the opportunity presented itself. And regardless of several roadblocks in the way of that happening – the separation of Marvel Studios and TV divisions come to mind along with their storied rocky relationship with Universal, who own the cinematic rights to the Hulk and likely his supporting characters as well – we must admit that we wouldn’t mind seeing this come to fruition.


Apparently our sentiment is shared by Boss Logic, who has created countless masterful pieces of fan art that have been shared across various social media platforms; odds are you’ve seen at least one or two at some point. Their latest work flawlessly depicts Dawson as one of Marvel’s mightiest female superheroes, one who will hopefully make their way to the silver screen if the red tape is ever able to be cut.

Let it be noted that the character of She-Hulk has made huge strides in recent years. After being put back on the map via Charles Soule’s highly acclaimed run, she now finds herself rebranded simply as “Hulk” in a new title by Mariko Tamaki spinning out of the events of Civil War II. And although Marvel Studios have yet to allow any characters to inherit the mantles of their current onscreen heroes, this could be a case comparable to that of Captain America insofar that there’s no need to recast Steve Rogers when they have Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson waiting in line to wield the shield.

If they were to bring in She-Hulk, they’d have a built in replacement and wouldn’t have to scramble for the next Bruce Banner when Mark Ruffalo eventually vacates the role. With Hulk already having been recast several times, a transition such as this may be less disorienting to moviegoers and would also add a bit of diversity to the Avengers’ lineup.

We’ll have to wait and see if this ever comes to fruition, but for now, check out the fan art below and be sure to catch Dawson when she appears next year in The Defenders.