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Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Makes Fun Of That Captain America Plot Hole

A newly released deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame addresses a long-lingering fan complaint about Captain America's first film.

Disney and Marvel must surely love their extremely dedicated fans 3,000 after the world banded together to make Avengers: Endgame the highest grossing movie of all time. The finale to the first three phases of superhero flicks tied up most loose ends and delivered a satisfying conclusion, and in order to do that, it clocked in at a hair over three hours.

The film would’a been even longer though if some scenes didn’t wind up on the cutting room floor and now, we’ve seen one of those short missing moments, and it’s pretty funny. Embedded down below, the sequence in question is set during the planning of the Time Heist, and it features some dialogue between War Machine and Captain America.

Presumably figuring out where the Tesseract is in the past, Rhodey asks Steve where it wound up. We all know Cap froze himself at the bottom of the ocean as a great sacrifice, but Don Cheadle asks an important question: Why didn’t Mr. Rogers just, you know, jump out of the plane?

Fans have been asking that same question ever since Cap’s first film released way back in the day. It raises a good point, but jeez guys, if he hadn’t become Captain Popsicle, then we wouldn’t have any of these movies. I also totally get why they would cut this scene: it’s simply too meta.

The Russo brothers are well known for their love of meta humor, using it to great effect on both Arrested Development‘s early seasons, as well as Community‘s early seasons. But really, a little meta goes a long way in a ridiculous over-the-top cornucopia of ridiculousness already.

Still, this scene shows everyone just how funny these movies could really be when they wanted to. Here’s to hoping that the rest of the deleted footage, which I’m sure we’ll all get to see when Avengers: Endgame is out on digital tomorrow, July 30th, and physically August 13th, is just as entertaining.

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