Denis Villeneuve says he won’t release any ‘Dune’ deleted scenes

'Dune' movie poster
Image via Legendary Entertainment

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was a hit upon release in 2021, and while movies often show what did not make the final cut, Villeneuve will show none here.

No, because when I cut something out of the film, and honestly, there are some scenes, one in particular that it still breaks my heart. There was a little moment with Stilgar in the desert that I’m still mourning, but when I tried to put it back in the film, it deflates the momentum. When a scene is on the cutting floor, it’s dead. I don’t like deleted scenes. I don’t believe in that. What you see on screen is the movie I wanted to make, and it’s more pure this way.

The Oscar-nominated French-Canadian director made the comments about his work during an interview with Collider yesterday. He talked about multiple aspects of the movie, its accolades and revealed prep is ongoing for the sequel. If all goes well for that planned 2023 release, he does have an idea in his head for what a third film in the series would be.

Now I could envision a third movie and to make the adaptation of Dune Messiah that will complete Paul Atreides’s story that I think would make sense. But each movie, those movies are monsters, and I can only do one at a time. If I survive Dune Part Two, then I might do the Messiah. When I start to think about that, I get tired. It’s too much. I need to focus on one project at a time, to be honest. But part three will be … I’m making sure that part three will be doable.

Until two and its envisioned sequel come to be, the first film in the series is available to watch on HBO Max.