Dennis Quaid Will Seek Out The Truth In Dan Rather Scandal Flick

dennis quaid

The story behind Dan Rather’s ruined reputation following his report on George W. Bush’s dodginess during Vietnam is heading to the big screen. That logline alone is enough to warrant a starry line-up, due to its heavy-hitting nature. Plus, who doesn’t love a juicy scandal?  With principal photography set to begin next week on Truth, another big name has joined the cast.

The news comes via Deadline, whose sources reveal that Dennis Quaid has signed on to appear as Colonel Roger Charles. He’ll be starring alongside Robert Redford, who’s snagged the role of iconic newscaster, Rather; and Cate Blanchett, who’s tackling the part of 60 Minutes producer, Mary Mapes.

For those unfamiliar with Charles, he was a key figure in the drama, which saw all three embroiled in a plot to uncover Bush’s deserter tactics:

Charles served two tours in Vietnam, then in the Pentagon before becoming a liaison working with 60 Minutes II. He was invaluable in working with Mapes when she broke the blockbuster scandalous news story of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib story. Right on the heels of that triumph, Charles chased the rumor that then U.S. President George W. Bush had ducked serving in Vietnam after he graduated Yale in 1968 and instead got a cushy gig in the National Guard because of the clout of his father, who was an ambassador at the time. Charles and Mapes got caught relying on dubious documents.

Quaid’s been largely absent from drama in recent years. His last ‘serious’ role was in 2010’s The Special Relationship, an underrated political dramedy in which he starred as Bill Clinton. Out from the trappings of genre fare he’s normally involved in, it made for a pleasant change to watch him caught up in Clinton’s life. By the sounds of it, Quaid’s going to be heading deep into the heart of this next scandal – and may very well be sharing scenes with Elisabeth Moss. The Mad Men actress signed on last week as a CBS reporter, Lucy Scott, hired by Mapes to assist during the ordeal.

Calling the shots on the truth-twisting tale will be The Amazing Spider-Man scribe, James Vanderbilt, who’ll be directing from his own script.

Filming on Truth begins this week.