Denzel Washington Rumored To Be In Talks For Black Panther 2 Role


When it comes to naming actors fans would love to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe above all others, Denzel Washington is usually right up there alongside Keanu Reeves. The two-time Academy Award winner can comfortably be named as one of the greatest Hollywood talents of all-time, not to mention a hugely popular and bankable movie star.

In the past, Washington has refused to rule out a potential role in either the MCU or DCEU, but even though his action hero days are surely winding down given that he turned 66 years old just a few months ago, he could comfortably step into the slot marked ‘veteran esteemed character actor’ that virtually every big budget comic book blockbuster possesses.

Indeed, a new rumor claims that the screen legend is in talks for a small role in Black Panther 2, although it does come from Reddit having originated on 4Chan, so best not take this one as gospel quite yet. That being said, Chadwick Boseman did say that there’s always a place for Denzel in the MCU, and it could be a fitting tribute to the late actor to have one of his longtime friends and collaborators make the trip to Wakanda in his honor.

Boseman revealed in an interview several years back that Washington had funded his acting classes while he was still in college, and the Training Day star also produced Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Chadwick’s last movie that looks destined to win him the Oscar for Best Actor. While it exists entirely in the realm of rumor and speculation for now, it would certainly be a huge moment to see someone so close to the MCU’s T’Challa make an appearance in Black Panther 2.