Description Of New Logan Footage From Brazil’s CCXP


Brazil’s Comic Con Experience took place over the weekend, and fans in attendance got to see some brand new footage from what’s being pegged as the very last Wolverine movie, James Mangold’s Logan. Star Hugh Jackman himself debuted the clip via video message, and reports indicate that almost an entire scene was shown.

You’ll no doubt recall the shots of Wolvie (Jackman), Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Laura (Dafne Keen) sharing some smiles around the table from the trailer, and the footage shown over the weekend puts this in context and also provides us with more of an idea of what to expect from the character dynamics.

The breakdown comes courtesy of, who’ve translated it from Spanish:

It showed Logan, Charles Xavier and Laura (X-23) having dinner with a family in a house on a farm. They’re on the run, fleeing from someone and don’t reveal to the family that they’re mutants. When questioned about their true intentions for being on the road, Xavier and Logan give different responses, in comedic fashion. Laura is described as acting wild, eating dinner with her hands and no silverware. Logan tries to teach her how to eat and there’s a sense of a father-daughter type relationship between them. Logan then tells the family that Xavier used to be a school principal. Xavier expands on this, calling it a “school for students with special needs.” He says that Logan was also at this school.

This doesn’t really give anything away plot-wise (aside from confirming that the trio will indeed be on the run), but it’s nice to find out a little more about the single happy moment in an otherwise very downbeat trailer.

Laura’s behavior is also interesting, and seems to suggest that she hasn’t had a whole lot of real world life experience – which, of course, would make sense if she really is the clone of Wolverine known as X-23 (as rumored), and has spent most of her short life in a lab somewhere.

Logan is set to slash its way into theaters on March 3rd, 2017.