Logan Teaser: Hugh Jackman’s Man-Made Weapon Sets Out On His Final Journey


To prep you for the arrival of tomorrow’s hotly-anticipated trailer, Hugh Jackman has taken to Twitter to share the very first snippet from Logan. It features his aging Wolverine casting a lone shadow in the countryside. It also begs the question, will the entirety of James Mangold’s R-rated actioner be presented in black-and-white?

Unlikely, of course, but there’s no question that the director’s 2017 threequel has turned heads and raised eyebrows with its striking, monotone aesthetic. That’s a melancholic style that has featured prominently throughout the many, many images that have found their way online, teasing everything from Stephen Merchant’s Caliban to the downfall of the mutant population as we know it.


When pulled together, they stand as the perfect primer for Wolverine’s final journey. Said to take place in the year 2024, Logan finds Hugh Jackman’s enraged mutant coming into contact with Sienna Novikov’s Laura (AKA X-23), a vulnerable young girl that boasts abilities similar to his own. Hunted by the nefarious governmental agency known as Transigen, Wolverine and X-23 are part of an endangered species, and the conglomerate will stop at nothing to transform the remaining mutant population into disposable weapons. Toss in the addition of Boyd Holbrook’s Pierce and his band of Reavers and you have all the makings of a tense, nail-biting affair.

Heralding Wolverine’s final adventure for the foreseeable future, Logan will claw its way into theaters on March 3, 2017 when Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant and Elizabeth Rodriguez will round out the ensemble. Keep your peepers peeled on We Got This Covered tomorrow morning, as we’ll have coverage of the full teaser trailer for you to peruse.