Teasing Logan Photo Asks The Question: Where Have All The Mutants Gone?


The deluge of monotone photos for Logan continues today, only this time, the latest teaser to surface from James Mangold’s X-Men sequel asks a very pressing question.

Since 20th Century Fox unveiled Logan to be the threequel’s official title – along with a wonderfully minimalist poster – the film’s Instagram account has transformed into a hive of activity, rolling out one black-and-white photo after another to establish the tone and setting of the film formerly known as The Wolverine 3.

Fuelling rumors that the 2017 actioner takes place in the year 2024, this latest pic to arrive showcases what looks to be a grungy bathroom stall, where the question “where are all the mutants?” is scrawled onto a metal door.

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It’s an effective tease, one that supports the overriding theory that Logan is rooted in a dystopian future where the mutant population is on the wane, encouraging a governmental operation known as Transigen to round up the remaining freaks and geeks and transform them into weapons. X-23 (Sienna Novikov?) is set to filter into that bleak story in some capacity as well, teeing up an intriguing dynamic between the youngster and Hugh Jackman’s enraged mutant.

Heralding Wolverine’s final adventure – at least for the foreseeable future – Logan will claw its way into theaters on March 3, 2017 when Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant and Elizabeth Rodriguez will round out the film’s casting docket. Richard E. Grant is also set to feature as Dr. Zander Rice, though that one is yet to be confirmed.