Latest Logan Images Tease A Key Location And A New Character

The WponX Instagram account has been sharing a new black and white production still from James Mangold’s final Wolverine movie, Logan, each day for about a week now, and while some are more revealing than others, all contain a few elements that might be worthy of further analysis. The latest two might not seem particularly interesting at first glance, but on closer inspection there could be a few plot hints that can be gleaned from the images.

The first highlights the ruins of an old structure, which the caption reveals is/was a smelting plant. A limousine can also be seen, which suggests Hugh Jackman’s aging mutant berserker is somewhere in vicinity, as we know Logan will be working as a chauffeur when we catch up with him in this movie.


The most obvious connection is the metal known as adamantium which is bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton, and has also been used to make some of his enemies more formidable. In the Death of Wolverine comic, Logan is finally “killed” by being encased in liquid adamantium – is it possible that fate awaits the much-loved character here, where metals are broken down?

The next pic features a well-dressed young man, seemingly throwing  a bit of a tantrum on the streets of El Paso, Texas. There’s been some speculation that this could be Marvel villain known as Arcade because of the similar suits, but the caption reads simply “prom,” so there’s every chance this is just some dude having a really bad night at his high-school dance.

Whatever their significance, these images do seem to be leading up to something, which many believe will actually be the first trailer for the film. With new snaps being released every day, it won’t be long before the pieces begin to come together, so keep an eye on WGTC for further updates.

Logan will claw its way into theatres on March 3rd, 2017.