New Details Emerge On Avengers: Endgame Disney Shareholder Footage


Yesterday, a new batch of footage from the upcoming Avengers: Endgame screened at the Walt Disney Company’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, and while we’ve already heard a fair amount about the content of the preview, Twitter user Scott Ladewig has now offered a slightly more detailed breakdown.

In his somewhat spoiler-heavy summary, Ladewig recalls how Captain Marvel is seen interacting with her fellow heroes at the Avengers HQ. Naturally, Carol Danvers is keen to go kill Thanos, prompting Nebula to claim that she knows where he is. Rocket then chimes in to explain that the Snap from Avengers: Infinity War created the biggest energy surge ever seen on Earth, and that a similar surge was detected on another planet, indicating that this is where the Mad Titan has retired to.

From here, the footage offers a quick exchange between Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes and Captain Marvel. When Bruce asks what guarantee they’ll have that their mission will end differently this time, Carol Danvers points out that they now have her on their side. When Rhodey asks her why she wasn’t around to help them before, Carol explains that there are a lot of other planets out there that need help because they don’t have their own Avengers to protect them.

At this point, Thor – who has so far been sitting quietly at the back – gets up, walks over to Captain Marvel and summons his axe. The weapon then whizzes right past Carol, who doesn’t even flinch in response. Observing this, Thor declares, “I like this one.”

After that, we cut to the Milano, which Rocket is piloting while Carol sits in the co-pilot’s seat. When Rocket asks his passengers which of them have never been into space, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Rhodey all raise their hands, prompting Rocket to warn them not to puke on his ship. Once the Milano is in the air, we get a “cool reflection” of the stars and the cosmos on Captain America’s eye. As camera the zooms in on Steve, the Milano shoots off to their next adventure.

And that’s it. While it’s inevitable that this footage description will kill a few fan theories and inspire a few more to take their place, it sounds like the preview still left a lot to the imagination. In any case, you can see these and other scenes for yourself when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Twitter