Details On Jamie Lee Curtis’ Secret Second Role In Halloween Revealed


Though Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel played things fast and loose in terms of continuity and timeline, the wildly successful slasher was still very much steeped in the franchise DNA, as evidenced by the multiple callbacks to John Carpenter’s original classic and the inclusion of Nick Castle as the Shape.

Add to this Jamie Lee Curtis’ return as Laurie Strode, arguably the original Scream Queen, and it’s pretty clear that the Halloween of 2018 is a nostalgia-fuelled ride, one which has clearly resonated with horror fans the world over following its impressive $76 million haul at the weekend box office.

And as reports of the movie begin to circulate online, we’re now learning that Curtis wasn’t limited to only Laurie Strode – turns out she also lent her voice to the baby in what can be seen as a cute piece of fan service. It’s also further proof that Jamie Lee Curtis was deeply involved in the creation of Halloween – from inception right through until Friday’s global launch – and wanted to wholly commit herself to David Gordon Green’s nerve-shredding follow-up.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting piece of horror trivia, after the good folks at Dread Central pointed to the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis originally revealed this little tidbit during the movie’s premiere at Fantastic Fest back in September; it’s only now that Halloween is playing worldwide that details of her super secret cameo are beginning to trickle onto the interwebs.

At $77.5 million and climbing, Halloween has already established itself as one of 2018’s bankable hits. The question now is how high will the numbers go? And whether or not Blumhouse plans to spearhead a direct sequel now that Michael Myers is back in vogue…

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