Everything We Know So Far About The Sequel To Halloween 2018


With Halloween’s run at the box office so far going swimmingly, the follow-up that producer Jason Blum desires is just waiting for its official confirmation. With that in mind, Screen Rant has offered a breakdown of what to expect from the all-but-inevitable sequel, from its likely release date to its main character.

First of all, we’ve been hearing for a while now that a sequel is already in the works. Bloody Disgusting reported a couple of weeks ago that an unknown writer has made a start with the script, and that neither director David Gordon Green nor his co-writer Danny McBride are expected to return. But while the BD article speculated that the film could be ready as soon as October 2019, Screen Rant suggests that a fall 2020 opening would be more realistic, especially since this is a more typical rate of release for Blumhouse Productions.

While it’s hard to imagine the team not bringing back Michael Myers for the next flick, there’s a case to be made that the killer’s oldest living foe, Laurie Strode, shouldn’t be the main protagonist. The argument here is that since Laurie has already proved herself to be a dangerous adversary who can hold her own against the masked murderer, the real potential for both scares and a character arc is with her relatively vulnerable granddaughter Allyson. Indeed, there are only so many Halloween movies that can be marketed to us as the final showdown between Laurie and Michael, and when Jamie Lee Curtis actually does leave the series for good, someone’s going to need to carry the torch forward.

As for what this film could actually be called, Blumhouse will hopefully think of a more creative and less confusing name than Halloween II, especially since there are already two entries in this series with that exact title. But either way, given the numbers that this latest flick is doing at the box office, audiences are liable to turn up for another outing regardless of what they call it.

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