Details On How Much Screentime Spider-Man Has In Captain America: Civil War

As you’ve no doubt seen by now, the first reactions to Captain America: Civil War have started doing the rounds on social media. Thankfully, no one has spoiled any major plot points (that’s a concern for next week when the fan screenings start…), but some very interesting new details about the movie can be found among all of those opinions.

Spider-Man is a character who has so far been receiving the lion’s share of praise, but exactly how big is the wall-crawler’s role in Captain America: Civil War? Are we looking at just a brief cameo appearance, or a full on role which sets the stage for his first solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year?

Screen Crush’s Mike Sampson has revealed that Spider-Man has approximately 30 minutes of screentime in Captain America: Civil War, with roughly a third of that devoted to Peter Parker and the rest revolving around the suited up Spider-Man.

That seems like pretty much the perfect balance and should give Marvel the chance to firmly establish their new take on the character before he swings into the Jon Watts helmed reboot in 2017. What exactly he’ll be getting up to in Captain America: Civil War is a mystery right now, and it will hopefully stay that way until the film is released next month.