Early Reactions To Captain America: Civil War Praise Spider-Man, Black Panther And More


The social media embargo on Captain America: Civil War lifted early this morning and Twitter has been flooded with reactions to the film. While the general consensus appears to be that it’s not perfect, the critics do seem to really like what Joe and Anthony Russo have delivered here, with tons of praise being heaped upon both Spider-Man and Black Panther in particular.

A few of the complaints are directed at the plot, the fact that there are too many characters in the film, and that once again, Marvel has failed to craft a compelling villain. That being said, though, most people agree that Captain America: Civil War is still a lot better than both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Before you dive into the reactions, though, it’s important to note that these Tweets represent just a small part of the population. If you recall, early reactions to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Twitter were extremely positive as well, and we all know how that film turned out in the end. So with that in mind, it’s entirely possible that Captain America: Civil War may end up being a very divisive movie as well.

I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks before we find out for sure, though, won’t we?