Detective Pikachu Writers Reveal Their Super Smash Bros. Movie Plans

Detective Pikachu

As far as video game movies go, Detective Pikachu is having a pretty solid run at the box office. Of course, there’s no doubt Legendary Pictures is interested in continuing the Pokémon cinematic franchise through a variety of spinoffs, but there’s also the possibility that everyone’s favorite electric rodent could pave the way toward a live-action Super Smash Bros. film, and just that thought has the internet clamoring for more.

Based on a fighting game series featuring Nintendo’s most popular players, from Donkey Kong to Captain Falcon, a Super Smash Bros. movie would likely pit fan-favorite characters against one another in a giant battle royale on the big screen. In an interview with Screen Rant, Detective Pikachu co-writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit were asked how they’d approach such a massive crossover. As the duo notes, it’s so easy to get carried away with where you’re headed that you forget how to get there.

“I think that the key to doing anything like that is to make sure that the other introductory movies are sensational. It’d be a dream to write something like Legend of Zelda, but before you can get to that Smash Bros stage you have to write the best damn version of The Legend of Zelda that you possibly can. And the same with Mario, the same with Kirby, the same with Star Fox.”

Though Detective Pikachu has received middling reviews, most critics agree that it’s a fun and clever introduction into the world of Pokémon. The movie hinges on more than just nostalgia though, with creative characters and a tone that could easily be brought to other Nintendo properties.

More importantly, not only would a future Super Smash Bros. film serve us even more Pokémon on the big screen, but pretty much guarantees live-action Super Mario and Metroid movies, a dream come true for pretty much any gamer. In fact, with a roster of over 75 characters in its latest installment, SSB could be used to not only bring classic Nintendo character together but also be used as a jumping off point for dozens and dozens of other potential adaptations. Ice Climbers anyone?

After the monumental success of The Avengers in 2012 (and every subsequent MCU follow-up thereafter) studios have been raving their existing franchises in an attempt to copy Marvel’s successful cinematic universe model; some for better, most for worse. However, if WB plays their cards right, an interconnected Nintendo film series could likely happen and could easily give Marvel a run for their money.

That being said, Nintendo is notoriously stingy when it comes to licensing its franchises to film studios. But with at least four Detective Pikachu spinoffs in the works, it really does feel like this series could go anywhere from here.