The Devil’s Rejects Get A New Member On This 3 From Hell Poster

3 From Hell

We’re only a few weeks away now from the much-anticipated release of 3 From Hell, and though director Rob Zombie kept us pretty up to date on his latest feature via social media, the last little while has seen a definite increase in the threequel’s promotion.

It was only the other week that we saw the first official images from the Devil’s Rejects follow-up, not to mention we recently got a new trailer as well. And today, the excitement continues, as there’s now a stylish new poster to feast our eyes on and this one features series newcomer Richard Brake as Winslow Foxworth “Foxy” Coltrane alongside Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie, who’ll return as Otis and Baby, respectively.

Of course, fans will know that a certain Captain Spaulding is missing here, with the usual Rejects member gone and in his absence, the aforementioned Foxy. Does this mean the trio’s replaced Sid Haig’s character with Brake’s? Perhaps, but we know that Spaulding is definitely in the film. It’s just odd that he’s not featured here.

Perhaps his part will be diminished in 3 From Hell, or maybe he’ll just meet his maker early on? Then again, Zombie could be intentionally trying to deceive fans for some reason only to surprise us all and actually give Spaulding a huge role in the movie. Frankly, we don’t know enough about the pic to say for sure, but again, it’s odd that we haven’t seen much of the character yet.

Regardless, this new poster is certainly a beauty and if you loved the first two installments in this trilogy, then it’s looking like you’ll certainly be pleased by the finale to this twisted tale when 3 From Hell hits theaters on September 16th for three nights only. Don’t miss it.