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Did Jamie Lee Curtis just tease a power boost for Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Ends’?

'Halloween Ends' star Jamie Lee Curtis is calling her final battle with Michael Myers "crazy intense."

Jamie Lee Curtis is hyping up the “final reckoning” between Laurie Strode and her arch-nemesis Michael Myers in the upcoming horror threequel Halloween Ends.

Not only is Curtis teasing the film as more violent, brutal, and “crazy intense,” in a way that is sure to make longtime fans of the franchise “lose their f–king minds,” but the actor also seemed to hint at a potential power boost for Michael in the film.

Curtis explained in a new featurette that while 2018’s Halloween saw Laurie unable to loosen her obsession with being prepared to face off against Michael again one day, Halloween Ends sees the character finally ready to move on with her life. It’s at this turning point in Laurie’s life that “Michael comes back,” Curtis says.

We’re then treated to a quick line from Laurie in Halloween Ends which seems to hint at Michael’s enhanced abilities: “This time, he’s more dangerous.”

With Halloween Ends building up to a final showdown between Laurie and Michael, the film seems to have high potential to stick the landing to David Gordon Green’s rebooted trilogy. While 2018’s Halloween was acclaimed as a worthy way of rejuvenating the franchise, 2021’s follow-up, Halloween Kills, was not as popular, perhaps owing in part to Laurie being bedridden and recovering from injuries for much of the movie.

If you weren’t already familiar, 2018’s Halloween is a direct sequel to the 1978 John Carpenter-directed original, and ignores all the sequels that came between. This makes Halloween Ends a conclusion to not only the rebooted trilogy, but perhaps the entire franchise.

Halloween Ends comes slicing into theaters and on the paid tier of Peacock on Oct. 14.

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