Everybody Dies In A Million Ways To Die In The West Trailer


While we may or may not get another Quentin Tarantino pseudo-western sometime in the future, we are most definitely going get to a Seth MacFarlane pseudo-western. For his next film, A Million Ways To Die In The West, the director takes a swing at Blazing Saddles. We’ve already seen a red-band trailer for the upcoming flick and today, we have the latest green band trailer to share with you.

MacFarlane stars as Albert, a shepherd living in a lethal little town in the Old West. When he falls for lovely newcomer Anna (Charlize Theron), he finds himself up against a nasty villain (Liam Neeson) in order to win over Anna and become a hero for his town. In other words: this is one of the more standard western narratives, punctuated by MacFarlane’s brand of off-color humor and a host of celebrity cameos, including Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Silverman.

The latest green-band trailer for A Million Ways To Die In The West is nothing new. The film still looks like an even more self-aware Blazing Saddles, minus the social commentary … and the humor. There are jokes about black men liking women with large butts. There’s also MacFarlane falling over a horse, ejaculation jokes, jokes about vaginas, and the requisite Native American drug experience. There also appears to be at least one musical number, which we’ve come to expect from MacFarlane. It’s basically Family Guy Goes West.

Were it not for the appearance of Liam Neeson, I’d write off A Million Ways To Die In The West right now. But the actor is always fun to watch, and here he gets to exercise his villainous muscles. Beyond that, I’d still rather watch Blazing Saddles  

You can decide for yourself by checking out the latest green-band trailer below and letting us know what you think in the comments. Do you see anything inspirational in this one?

A Million Ways To Die In The West shoots up the cinema on May 30th, 2014.

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