Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals His Plans For After Elysium

Still waiting for director Neill Blomkamp‘s return to Africa for a District 9 sequel? Sorry folks, looks like you’ll have to keep waiting.

The Film Stage is reporting that Blomkamp and wife Terri Tatchell have already written a script for a science fiction/comedy hybrid project called Chappie, rumored to be his Elysium follow-up.

According to TFS, Blomkamp described the screenplay as:

…a “fu**ing hilarious” comedy in a “science fiction setting,” but also “heartfelt” and “esoteric.”

Blomkamp has expressed interest towards Chappie for a while now, even from before he announced Elysium, which is currently in production. The director has a strong sense of passion for creating unique projects and is choosing films that interest him, instead of simply revisiting District 9 for a popularity cash in.

It’s refreshing to hear someone in Blomkamp’s position express a desire only to follow projects only when a proper commitment is put forward, as he hasn’t yet cracked the code on returning to Wikus’ alien immigration story and refuses to put a cut-rate sequel in theaters.

Blomkamp isn’t teasing any forward movement on District 9 and sounds super excited about progressing with Chappie, so for all intents and purposes, Chappie with most likely be Neill’s next film.

Honestly though, whatever project comes next for the sci-fi director will surely be stunning, as Blomkamp’s surprise sci-fi blockbuster District 9 impressed on numerous levels and seven minutes of exclusive Elysium footage wowed Comic-Con audiences last night.

Look for future Chappie updates to come once Elysium is released March 1, 2013.

Would you rather see Blomkamp put out another District 9?  Or can Chappie achieve the same mainstream success District 9 demanded?