Disney Plus Just Added 11 New Movies And TV Shows

Solo: A Star Wars Story

July has been off to a great start for Disney Plus, especially with awesome new additions like The Mighty Ducks, The Big Green, and Race to Witch Mountain to get the nostalgia train running. With so many excellent shows and movies already available on the service, it’s always just icing on the cake to get big content drops throughout the month, and that’s exactly what today is bringing.

In fact, included in today’s releases is a special film many have been waiting to see finally join the platform, so you’ll want to load up the app and check it out. Of course, we’re talking about Solo: A Star Wars Story, which focuses on the early life of everyone’s favorite smuggler, Han Solo.

It doesn’t feature Harrison Ford in his iconic role, obviously, considering that the pic takes place years before the Original Trilogy, but Alden Ehrenreich manages to do a solid job as the young version of the character. A supporting cast of big names like Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke add plenty of punch to the film, too, and it’s especially fun to see how rapper and comedian Donald Glover brings a young Lando Calrissian to life.

Solo received mixed reviews when it was released in 2018 and it’s widely considered to rank among the least essential films in the Star Wars franchise. It was a box office failure, too, bringing in only $393 million – the lowest in the series thus far. Even so, it’s an enjoyable romp in a galaxy far, far away that’s quite worthy of a family movie night.

For more, here’s the full list of everything coming to the platform today:

  1. Critter Fixers: Country Vets (S1)
  2. Gigantosaurus (S1)
  3. Secrets of the Zoo (S3)
  4. Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  6. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  7. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  8. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  9. Disney Family Sundays – “Lilo and Stitch: Family Tree”
  10. One Day at Disney – “Marc Smith: Story Artist”
  11. It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – “Movie Star Dogs & Hounds and Horses”

If nothing there catches your interest, you can head through here to check out what else is coming to Disney Plus throughout the remainder of July. And of course, be sure to stay tuned for more updates on all of the content headed to your favorite streaming services.