Disney Plus Adding 7 New Movies/TV Shows This Week

The Mandalorian

It’s been a rather stressful year, so it’s always nice to have an opportunity to lose yourself in good movies and television, and that’s precisely what Disney Plus has been providing so far this month. Whether you’ve been getting in the holiday spirit with Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol, catching up on new episodes of The Mandalorian, or digging into the impressive catalog of classic Disney titles available on the service, there’s clearly something available for everyone.

This week brings along with it a handful of new content that you’ll want to look out for, too. And most importantly, of course, the third episode of The Mandalorian‘s second season will debut. The sophomore run of this massively popular show has garnered a lot of interest with its surprising reveals so far, which could lead to some very interesting plot twists, so be sure to tune in on Friday to see how things play out.

Also on Friday, you won’t want to miss the premiere episode of Inside Pixar, which takes viewers on a journey through the inner workings of one of the most beloved animation studios of all time. It’ll offer some intriguing glimpses into the creation of fan favorite films while giving you a chance to meet a few of the incredibly talented people who dedicate their lives to them.

For more, here’s everything that the platform is releasing this Friday:

Inside Pixar (Premiere)
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Episode 108)
One Day At Disney (Episode 150)
Petra: City of Riches
The Mandalorian (Episode 203)
The Right Stuff (Episode 107)
Ultimate Viking Sword

Of course, there’s still plenty more coming to Disney Plus throughout the remainder of November, too. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special premieres on 17th, while some may be happy to hear that Planes and its sequel Planes: Fire Rescue will land on the service on the 20th. And, of course, don’t forget that new episodes of The Mandalorian will continue to drop every Friday.