Disney Plus Adds New Musical Collections Feature To Capitalize On Hamilton’s Success


Having already amassed over 60 million subscribers, Disney Plus now has a strong foothold in the streaming wars, although it continues to lag some way behind market leaders Netflix and Amazon Prime. Still, the Mouse House’s platform boasts an impressive content library that includes the majority of their animated back catalogue and live-action remakes plus titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Pixar and, of course, The Simpsons.

At the current price they’re charging, Disney Plus is definitely good value for your money, but there’s nonetheless been criticism that there isn’t much in the way of engaging original movies and TV shows. With the notable exception of The Mandalorian and Hamilton, there hasn’t really been anything that’s captured the zeitgeist or dominated the conversation, with movies such as The Lady and the Tramp remake, Togo and The One and Only Ivan flying completely under the radar, and Artemis Fowl only grabbing headlines based entirely on how awful it was.


However, with the filmed performance of Hamilton proving to be a massive hit that was the most-streamed title on any service last month, not to mention the release of Beyonce’s Black Is King, Disney Plus has now added a Musical Collections feature to their search function to capitalize on their recent successes, which basically includes everything that’s even got one song in it.

The categories are split into four groups that cover Animated Movies, Live-Action Movies, Disney Channel Series and Movies and Shorts and Specials, with 88 titles listed ranging from classics like The Sound of Music to new additions such as Hamilton and The Greatest Showman. The studio have always been known for their heavy musical influence, and now they’ve made it easier than ever for subscribers to streamline their search preferences to find exactly what they’re looking for.