Disney Considering Buying Spider-Man Back From Sony


The past month or so has been a pretty crazy ride for fans of Spider-Man, as Tom Holland’s version of the hero was booted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to Sony and Disney failing to reach a new agreement in regards to sharing the character. Basically, it all came down to money following the massive success that was Far From Home and though who you side with is up to you, both parties are to blame in some sense.

Nevertheless, we’ve been hearing that talks between the two studios aren’t completely dead just yet and there may still be hope for them to come to a new deal. Meaning we may see Spider-Man remain an Avenger and continue to swing around the MCU. Obviously, this would be the best outcome but as of yet, we still can’t say for sure what’ll happen.

However, know that the Mouse House is definitely serious about getting Spidey back and according to our trusted sources – the same ones who told us Marvel was developing a She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel show well before they were officially announced – the studio is now considering just buying the rights to the character outright instead of figuring out a new deal with Sony.

From what we understand, the figure that Sony has in mind for a full buyout of the rights is $10 billion, but as we reported the other week, Disney has no intention of paying that. Instead, we’re told they’ll likely make a lower offer and try to get Sony to come down in price. That is, if they can’t reach a new deal first.

Right now, things could still go either away but again, our sources have informed us that the possibility of just buying Spider-Man back is definitely on the table at present. And really, as costly as that may be, it could end up being the best option for all parties (Sony, Disney and the fans) in the end.