Spider-Man Deal Reportedly Not Dead, Talks Still Ongoing


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on an absolute roll as of late, having recently delivered the biggest movie of all time while also revealing some very exciting plans for the small screen, the end of the studio’s working agreement with Sony that forcibly took Spider-Man out of the MCU seems to have thrown a serious spanner in the works.

It came as a major shock when it was announced that Sony had decided to take the web-slinging superhero away from Kevin Feige, especially after Far From Home‘s success. Marvel Studios put on a brave face though, announcing a ton of new projects in the weeks that followed, while Spidey fans around the world took to the web to show their disapproval of the situation, going so far as to ask both Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr. for help.

Fingers have been crossed in the hope that maybe Sony and Marvel could reach a new deal, but in an interview earlier this week, Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra told Variety that the door is now closed on Spidey returning to the MCU. But was he being entirely truthful? Or is there more that he’s not telling us?

We’ve heard for a few weeks now that things aren’t as bleak as they might seem and today, a new report from Cosmic Book News says that despite what Vinciquerra said, the deal’s not dead just yet and talks are actually still ongoing behind the scenes. We Got This Covered has spoken with two separate sources as well and confirmed this. Now, that doesn’t mean a new deal will be reached, just that the two parties are still discussing things. So hope remains.

Apparently, Sony’s trying to make it seem like Spider-Man’s sticking with them to put pressure on Disney to make a better deal. If you’ll recall, a similar situation happened with the Disney/Fox merger, where we heard numerous reports that it wasn’t going to happen anymore and Fox was walking away only for the acquisition to go through a few months later.

Frankly, this all seems pretty plausible and if there’s one thing we know for sure about the major studios, it’s that they love to lie. Be it about unannounced projects or unconfirmed business deals. So although Spider-Man may indeed be back at Sony for the moment, don’t believe for a minute that Disney has simply given up and walked away from the bargaining table.

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