Marvel Fans Want Ryan Reynolds To Get Spider-Man Back From Sony

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

If your average Marvel fan were to own a punching bag, I think they’d all name it “Sony” at this point. Ever since word of the studio no longer sharing Spider-Man with Disney hit the web, everyone from diehard True Believers to casual moviegoers have been downright irate. And that’s understandable, because we now have to accept a Marvel Cinematic Universe without the wallcrawler just three years after he was introduced to it.

For some reason, fans have reached out to none other than Ryan Reynolds, thinking he can somehow sway Sony back into a partnership with Disney. If the Mouse House is still trying to sort out how Deadpool will fit into their grand scheme though, I’m not so sure if he’s the guy to ask at the moment.

Regardless, when approached by one Twitter user asking if they can get a Deadpool/Spider-Man team-up flick, Reynolds responded with “You can. But you can only see it in my heart.” Soon afterward, other followers joined the cause with phrases like “help us,” “can you fight Sony for us Spidey Stans plz (please)?” and “I’m begging you.”

From the perspective of a comic book reader, I can understand why this situation is doubly frustrating. On the publishing side of things, Spidey and D. Piddy have actually co-headlined a series together. And while the latter had originally been kept away by Fox when it came to the movies, Disney’s acquisition of that studio seemingly opened the door for a live action adaptation. Now, that hope has been taken away.

Truth be told, it actually gets worse from there, as Tom Holland does have the option to walk if he so chooses. That’s right, not only are we likely never getting that Spider-Man/Deadpool movie, but we can’t rule out the possibility of the former being recast before long. Yes, the hits keep on coming.