Disney CEO Wants To Make A Captain Marvel Land


As far as the heads of rapacious IP-guzzling hyper-corporations go, Disney CEO Bob Iger seems like a good egg. At any rate, he’s been happy to spearhead a wave of diversity amongst his company’s major motion pictures, being particularly proud of last year’s Black Panther and the upcoming Captain Marvel

Now, in taking to Twitter to share the new Captain Marvel trailer, Iger has gone into just how enthusiastic he is about the project and character, explaining the following:

“I think we should build a Captain Marvel land and 50 Captain Marvel attractions, plus Captain Marvel Cruise Ships, hotels, restaurants and parades.”

Now, this is obviously all in fun to illustrate just how much he’s into Carol Danvers at the moment, but hey, the world has seen stranger things than Captain Marvel branded cruise ships and hotels. Still, if the hero really does prove to be as big a hit as Disney and Marvel Studios seem to think she’ll be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at minimum a Captain Marvel ride in one of the Disney theme parks. After all, she’s a jet fighter pilot turned intergalactic flying superhero. How difficult can that concept be to get a rollercoaster out of?

Regardless of whether that happens, expect Brie Larson’s Danvers to be a mainstay of a newly rejuvenated MCU following Avengers: Endgame. While Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s and will function as an origin story, her real impact in the ongoing MCU will be felt soon afterwards in Endgame, where judging by Nick Fury’s last act of summoning her in the post-credits scene of Infinity War, she’s all but guaranteed to play a key role in restoring the dusted heroes and beating Thanos.

Beyond that, there are rumors that the next phase of the MCU will continue to build up the cosmic corners of the universe. My prediction is that once they’ve got the Fantastic Four rights, they’ll very slowly begin a background plotline that’ll culminate in the arrival of Galactus (probably in like, 2030), by which point, Captain Marvel may well occupy the same place in fans’ hearts as Tony Stark does now.

Source: Twitter