Disney Confirms Iron Man 3 Is A Christmas Movie


“Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” That’s a question that’s trotted out every year by film fans, but here’s a more original spin on the enigma: “Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie?” Much like the classic Bruce Willis flick, IM3 is an action film set around the Holidays. But does this mean it can be classified as a Christmas movie when it doesn’t fully get to grips with the spirit of the season? If you ask Disney Plus, the answer is… yes.

If you search for “Christmas” on the newly unveiled streaming service full of the Mouse House’s properties, you’ll find Iron Man 3 among the titles that comes up. Some who haven’t seen the film for a while might be surprised by this designation, but there’s definitely a festive feel running through the background of the movie. For instance, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is seen working away to “Jingle Bell Rock” in his lab in one scene. Santa hats, presents and seasonal music also feature throughout.

Fans of the films of Shane Black weren’t too surprised, though, when Iron Man 3 turned out to be set at Christmas, despite it releasing in the summer of 2013. Black is known for setting his films, at least partially, around the holiday season. See also Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, among others. Like IM3, there’s some discussion around whether Black’s December-set actioners can be called Christmas films, depending on whatever your personal definition of that loose term is.

Iron Man 3 has always been something of an unsung entry in the MCU, though it does have a firm fanbase who maintain that it didn’t deserve the backlash it received at the time of its release. Maybe even more will come to love it now when they watch it on Disney Plus this Christmas.