Disney Plus Confirms When Missing Star Wars And Marvel Movies Will Arrive


There’s a ton of great content for subscribers to binge on Disney Plus, but there are also some notable omissions on the platform. For example, fans of the two biggest franchises in the world might notice that there are a few Star Wars and Marvel properties absent from the available options of what to watch. Thankfully, Disney already knows there’s going to be demand for these movies and has confirmed when the missing films will be hitting the new streaming service.

By searching for each of these titles on the app, users will be directed to the flick’s home page. There, they’ll discover the exact date when these installments will be available to watch.

In order to save you some time, here’s the complete list in chronological order:

As of right now, all of these films are available on Netflix and have to remain on that streaming service until their individual deals expire. Even when these missing pics do move over, however, they won’t be on Disney+ forever. Netflix’s licensing deal with Disney states that all flicks released between January 2016 and December 2018 must return to Netflix around 2026.

The good news here is that Disney+ allows users to download all content, meaning any saved movies and TV shows will remain on an active account even if the film/show leaves the streaming service. All fans have to do is remember to download the movies they want to keep before they leave the platform.

Even when all of the aforementioned features are on Disney Plus though, the Infinity Saga still won’t be complete. And that’s because Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: Homecoming were both released by Sony, while The Incredible Hulk was a Universal venture. There’s a solid chance they won’t ever make it onto the app, but there’s still so much good material already on Disney Plus and even more great content on the way that subscribers should find themselves entertained for hours on end.