Marvel Has To Let Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Appear In Sony’s Venom Movies


The upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sees multiple Spider-People occupying the same universe, but if this new report on Twitter is anything to go by, then we could be seeing the reverse situation in the near future, with one Spider-Man dividing his time between two different superhero franchises.

This suggestion was made by frequent leaker @DanielRPK, who observed in a recent tweet that actor Tom Holland looks to have a lot on his plate in the coming years:

“So Tom Holland’s gonna lead at least four different franchises in the near future; Spider-Man, Avengers, Chaos Walking. Not to mention he’ll eventually show up in those Spidey Spin-Off films. Marvel will have to agree to that in order to keep him. So yeah, INSANE!”

Though the Spider-Man and Avengers movies are of a piece, and Chaos Walking is a separate saga entirely, the assertion that Marvel Studios will have to let Holland feature in Sony’s “Spidey Spin-Off films” raises many questions. For one thing, it’s unclear how the studio would integrate the MCU’s Peter Parker into Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, especially if they’re looking to build their own sustainable franchise that operates more or less independently from Disney’s.

In fact, even though Sony’s universe is just one film old – that being, Venom – you can already see some potential continuity errors resulting from trying to blend the two worlds, and the challenge of retconning the stories of Eddie Brock and his peers into the MCU is only going to get harder with each new release.

Nonetheless, the writer of the SUMC’s Kraven the Hunter movie has previously stated his intentions to see the film’s title character go face to face with Spider-Man, so perhaps Sony is already considering ways to make this happen. Besides, given the box office success of Venom, the demand is surely out there to see Tom Hardy’s Eddie cross paths with Holland’s Peter.

Perhaps it’s best to wait and find out what Sony’s intentions are before we spend too long trying to untangle this messy hypothetical, but in the meantime, the web-slinger will have enough villains in his own universe to worry about when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5th, 2019.