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Is Disney Teasing An Imminent Trailer Release For Avengers 4?

Over on Twitter, Walt Disney Studios president of marketing Asad Ayaz is seemingly teasing the release of another trailer for a 2019 movie. Could it be Avengers 4?

Can you hear that?

If you listen closely, you’ll probably hear – nay, feel – the crackle of excitement swirling around Avengers 4, Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster that’s reportedly set to launch its very first teaser trailer before the year’s up.

We originally believed that the footage would be online this Wednesday, November 28th, but recent reports have since cast doubt on that. However, with Disney dropping the first preview for Artemis Fowl earlier today, many folks have been quick to realize that almost all of the studio’s summer 2019 releases now have trailers out, except for one: Avengers 4.

/Film’s Germain Lussier pointed this out to Walt Disney Studios president of marketing Asad Ayaz over on Twitter and he replied back with a thinking emoji, leading fans to speculate that the Mouse House is planning to give us our first look at the Infinity War sequel sooner rather than later.

Of course, this Tweet could mean nothing at all, but you have to imagine that Disney’s aware of the situation and knows what they’re doing. Avengers 4 is easily going to be the biggest release of the year for them, and they’re not about to drop the ball when it comes to marketing it.

All that being said, though, it’d be nice if they broke their radio silence. It’s getting tiring speculating and debating over when the trailer will land. Fans would surely rather be pouring over every frame of it rather than arguing about when it’ll arrive. Plus, waiting this long only raises the chances of it being an anticlimax.

With any luck, then, the next few weeks will finally bring us that long awaited Avengers 4 trailer. Because if they don’t, the studio may have a full-on riot to deal with.

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