Disney Plus Is Now Only Missing 3 MCU Movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Disney Plus’ Marvel roster is inching its way towards completion. Today, Ant-Man and the Wasp was added to the service, leaving just three absentees from its MCU line-up. Those no-shows are The Incredible Hulk and both of the recent Spider-Man movies – Far From Home and Homecoming.

That’s almost certainly down to outstanding agreements. For one, Spider-Man has far and away the most complicated licensing history of any major Marvel character. Getting him in the MCU was hard enough and keeping him there proved to be an even more fraught exercise. So no, unfortunately, it doesn’t look likely we’ll be seeing the web-slinger on the House of Mouse’s streaming service anytime soon. If he ever heads over there at all.

On the flip-side, with whispers that Marvel have now regained the rights to the Hulk from Universal, one imagines the Edward Norton-starring Hulk film will be headed to Disney Plus at some point down the road. Sure, it’s nobody’s favourite Marvel movie, but hey, completionists want their franchises complete, not nearly complete. Besides, it’s always fun to see Norton spending the film riffing on his skinny schizoid white guy persona from Fight Club. If it sounds like I’m reaching for new angles on a low-key Marvel movie, it’s because I am.

Perhaps you’ve got more to say. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on any of Disney Plus‘ three missing MCU pics. Going out and buying them is still an option, or staying in and ordering them for that matter. Apropos of nothing in this paragraph, I still find it surprising that Sony haven’t made their own foray into the streaming market yet. With Warner and Disney both making their plays in the last year, it rather feels like they’ve missed the boat.