Disney Rumored To Be Making New Deal For Spider-Man To Appear In Avengers 5


The repercussions of Sony taking back the Spider-Man franchise from Disney continue to rock the MCU and its massive fanbase. Amid growing outrage over the hero’s proposed exit and fears of fan-favorite Tom Holland being replaced for a Sony reboot of the web-slinger though, Disney’s reportedly busy negotiating a deal to preserve Spidey’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, the Mouse House has apparently put together a new deal that would keep Spider-Man in the MCU. An important part of this proposal would be having him appear in the next two Avengers movies, though it would also allow for him to feature in at least six more films, with an option for a seventh.

While far from confirmed, this certainly makes sense, as Spider-Man was rumored to have a much bigger role in the next Avengers, conceivably in a leader-type position, mirroring the role his mentor Tony Stark played on the team. What’s more is that if this rumored deal goes through, it’ll also see Spidey become friends with the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

As such, it seems the Four will have already been firmly established by the time the next Avengers flick rolls around. The Johnny Storm and Peter Parker friendship will also be a big shout out to the comics, where it’s often stated that the Human Torch is the closest friend that Spidey has in the superhero community.

Of course, it remains to be seen if anything comes of this latest rumor, but the Spider-Man franchise is arguably the most successful superhero series of all time, outside of The Avengers. Despite the huge amounts of criticism being heaped on Sony, they’re unlikely to want to relinquish their rights to the property or have any other studio’s films get in the way, but we’re hopeful that Disney’s able to work something out that pleases both sides and that we get Spider-Man back in the MCU in time for Avengers 5.