Disney’s Developing A Live-Action Chip ‘N’ Dale Movie


Disney’s next live-action project will reportedly revolve around the iconic chipmunk duo of Chip ‘n’ Dale, according to our sources. The characters will likely be rendered in CGI much like the Lion King remake that’s about to hit theaters and though few details are currently known about the feature, it’s probable that several high-profile actors and actresses will be tapped to play the voices behind the onscreen animals.

Of course, a Chip ‘n’ Dale movie has been rumored since 2014, but never came to fruition. Now that live-action remakes are all the rage, it seems like the studio is reimagining every cartoon they’ve ever created. In fact, this latest report comes only a couple of days after we broke news that Disney is also planning a revamp of the 1992 film Pocahontas. At this rate, the public is only a few months away from reading an announcement of a Steamboat Willie flick.

Production for this movie is still in the very early stages, which means that it could ultimately fizzle out like the last attempt to bring the adorable chipmunks to the big screen. Not to mention that by the time Disney maps everything out involved with this planned flick, the remake fad could be over.

After all, audiences may soon get tired of paying money to watch basically the same Disney movies they’ve seen a million times. Then again, sequels and spinoffs are a trend that haven’t ever gone away, so maybe this is just the new norm in Hollywood that will endure for years to come.

In any case, like it or not, it sounds like a Chip ‘n’ Dale film is definitely on the horizon. Clearly, Disney’s hoping to endure these two largely forgotten characters to a new generation of moviegoers. Whether or not they’ll be successful remains to be seen, but anybody who loves cinema is well aware that it’s never smart to bet against the massively successful studio.