New Disney Plus Marketing Replaces Captain Marvel With Iron Man


Despite not being available to the public until mid-November, Disney Plus is already changing up its site a bit. For a while now, the promotional banner featured Moana, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Marvel, Star Wars’ Finn, and a lion. Now? Brie Larson and John Boyega have been replaced by Iron Man and Darth Vader.

The swap was pointed out on Twitter, as usual. On Monday, user TapioCat posted the before and after pics to her feed. The reactions? Not as epic as one would think. In fact, almost as many people like the replies that poke fun at the attempt to stir up drama as the original tweet itself.

One person pointed out that the new banner has been up for a month now, so what’s the big deal? And they aren’t wrong. Checking the Wayback Machine for Disney Plus’ internet archives, the banner changed sometime between August 22nd and 24th.

Regardless, you can see the switch for yourself in the gallery down below:

Right now, there are two possible reasons for the change. One is that Disney Plus just wanted to mix things up. They recently announced that viewers can finally pre-order the service, so maybe they just wanted a fresh, new banner for the increased web traffic.

Alternatively, maybe they wanted to silence two of their biggest stars from two of their biggest money-making movie franchises. One’s a bit too outspoken and the other might be half of Star Wars‘ first gay couple ever, and that’s just too much controversy for the House of Mouse. My money’s on the first reason, though.

Of course, there’s always a chance that Disney has a hidden agenda, too. Which begs the question: what do they have against Buzz and lions? Kung Fu Panda is so last decade, and the recent Lion King remake is pretty awesome. It looks like the Mouse House might have some explaining to do.

In any case, Disney Plus is now available to pre-order, and will begin streaming all your favorite movies and shows on November 12th.