Disney Plus Signups Have Tripled During Coronavirus Outbreak

Disney Plus

Disney+ signups have skyrocketed over the past week due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Some analysts seem to think streaming services like Netflix will get hit with significant subscription losses during the viral outbreak, but Disney+ seems to be experiencing quite the opposite, at least for now. New customers have tripled for the subscription service from March 14th to March 16th (compared to March 7th to March 9th) as more and more people are staying home in the midst of the coronavirus scare. It’s not unexpected, of course, with so many school and job closures around the globe resulting in many families being given no other options.

Disney+ launched in November of last year to great success, partially thanks to the wildly popular The Mandalorian and its lovable Baby Yoda. With tons of great movies from Disney’s vault and a smorgasbord of classic shows from The Disney Channel, there’s been no shortage of support for the streaming platform.

Unfortunately, some of its upcoming exclusive Marvel shows are currently experiencing production delays, but rest assured that all of your favorite characters are still coming to the service. In the meantime, Frozen 2 is available three months early for current US subscribers and will be available in the UK in July.

COVID-19 has now affected nearly 430,000 people worldwide and has almost reached a death toll of 20,000. The pandemic is rapidly worsening and resulting in extensive travel bans and the entire lockdown of multiple countries. Even the United States – which now has over 50,000 cases – has seen multiple states enact “stay home” requirements from their governors as society actively fights to flatten the curve.

So, stay safe inside for now and click here to check out all of the new shows and movies coming for you to watch on Disney+ in April.