Doctor Who Movie Rumored To Be In Development With New Cast

Doctor Who David Tennant

Given the popularity of the 21st century reboot of Doctor Who, it’s surprising that there’ve never been any movie spinoffs of it. There were two films produced back in the 60s, starring Star Wars‘ Peter Cushing as “Dr. Who,” but the Time Lord has stayed on the small screen ever since. But it’s possible – just possible – that this could change soon.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Robert Pattinson had beaten out Nicholas Hoult for the role of Batman, and that Disney was developing an Aladdin sequel, both of which we now know to be true – that a Doctor Who movie could be in the works. We’re filing this one as a rumor for now though since we can’t confirm that it’s definitely happening, only that there’s recently been talks of a project which would be disconnected from the TV series and have another actor as the time traveller. Interestingly, the idea is to stick with a female Doctor, just not Jodie Whittaker. And apparently, it would be a co-production between one of the major Hollywood studios and the BBC, which suggests the plan is to make it a real blockbuster.

Just to emphasize again, though, this is being filed strictly in the rumor cabinet given that we haven’t been able to get firm confirmation that it’s happening – only that it’s been discussed. Which makes sense, seeing as there’ve been numerous failed attempts to get the TARDIS in cinemas again since those Cushing films. Back in the 1980s and 90s, for example, both Lucasfilm and Amblin were attached to produce separate takes on the franchise.

In fact, in 2012Fantastic Beasts director David Yates announced he was set to make a Doctor Who movie that would star a new Doctor and be separate from the TV show, much like this rumor states. Yates said at the time that his project would take a long while to develop though and wouldn’t happen for another 5-7 years. Well, here we are seven years later, so it’s vaguely possible that this rumored production we’re hearing about is the same film.

But again, we don’t have enough details to confirm that just yet. That being said, given that the intel comes to us from the same sources who also told us the leads in Ghostbusters 3 would be young teens, and that Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan back in May, we have no reason to doubt it.

Tell us, though, Doctor Who fans, how do you feel about a movie starring a different actress in the titular role? Have your say in the comments section down below.