David Yates Will Direct Doctor Who Film

BBC has signed on Harry Potter director David Yates to make a film version of Doctor Who, one of the most beloved television shows in history. Yates is famous for making the last four Harry Potter films, from Order of the Phoenix to Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Rumors have been surrounding the potential film for years, and now everything is finally starting to come together. Filming Harry Potter, I think it’s safe to say that Yates is no stranger to British cinema.

Matt Smith, the eleventh actor to play the Doctor, sadly will not be in the film. In fact, Yates says that the film will not be a continuation of the television show at all, and that his film will be entirely separate from the series.

Yates’ alternate take kind of reminds me of how J.J. Abrams chose to do an alternate universe version of Star Trek when he rebooted it in 2009, making the film enjoyable for fans old and new. It seems like Yates is doing something similar and I think it could work.

What do you think? Is David Yates a suitable director for Doctor Who, the movie? Let us know in the comments.