Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana Revealed In New Shazam! Set Video


Though Warner Bros. haven’t given us any kind of official look at the movie just yet, the ongoing production for Shazam! in Toronto is providing us with a lot of interesting glimpses at what the latest DCEU film has in store.

We’ve already seen Zachary Levi in full costume – twice! – and now, a new set video shows us Mark Strong’s supervillain in action. Twitter user @Captain_Hudson shared the clip, which sees Levi’s Shazam face his nemesis, as played by the Kingsman actor, at the scene of what looks to be some sort of roadside incident, as a police car and a bus are involved in the altercation.

Check out the video below:

You can see in the clip that Sivana either scares or forces a couple of cops back with a wave of his arm and appears to do something similar to Shazam, too. No doubt this will look a lot more intimidating once the sequence goes through post-production, but it’s still cool to see nonetheless. The actor seems a bit on the mystical side, too, though Sivana is usually a gifted inventor and mad scientist rather than a sorcerer in the comics.

This video follows on from another one captured yesterday that showed Levi getting to act out a classic superhero moment: rescuing a bus full of pedestrians and ushering them to safety. It’s the kind of archetypal comic book action sequence that should make Shazam! a welcome callback to traditional superhero movies, much like Wonder Woman before it.

Going by his appearance here, it’s likely that Sivana has something to do with the bus being in needing of saving. After all, we’ve been told to expect some nasty stuff from the character. Mark Strong has previously described Sivana as an “evil bastard” and director David F. Sandberg has promised that, though the overall tone of the film will be “very funny,” he intends to depict “a threat that’s serious” for Billy Batson to come up against once he transforms into his musclebound magically-powered alter ego.

Principal photography on Shazam! is expected to last until late May, before the film eventually conjures its way into theaters almost a year later on April 5th, 2019.

Source: Twitter