New Set Video Reveals Shazam’s Full Costume


If you’ve been keeping up, everyday citizens have been capturing pictures of Zachary Levi in his full Shazam regalia as the next major film based on a DC comic book continues filming in Toronto. Already, we’ve seen the Big Red Cheese from behind and somewhat from the front, assuring that the costuming department was trying to be as accurate to the source material as possible.

In this instance, we have Twitter user Jeremy Lawrence to thank, as he was able to shoot some amateur footage of whatever was going on outside his place of work. As you can see, Shazam himself has likely just stopped a bus full of innocents from crashing, perhaps boosting his hero cred in the process.

Check it out:

Although it may seem somewhat innocuous, the footage furthers the notion that the movie will take place during the Christmas season. Not only that, but we must also consider that Shazam’s celebratory dance may not just be a mere fit of whimsy in between takes. Remember, we’re essentially dealing with a boy in a man’s body, so that may very well make the final cut.

Getting back to the costume itself, it is indeed very close to what we’ve seen the character wear from the days of the New 52 comics and onward. Actually, it was said that the look seen in the animated film Justice League: War was to have had significant influence, but that was largely based on the material we just mentioned. Still, we can only hope that a high resolution official reveal is on the way, something that was promised not long ago.

Shazam opens in theaters on April 5, 2019.