‘Doctor Strange 2’ fans confused after a brand new character was introduced without explanation

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is easily one of the most ambitious MCU movies to date, but director Sam Raimi and writer Michael Waldron did a good job of making sure it didn’t become an overstuffed mess that left fans confused. Even when those big cameos start dropping, audiences are formally introduced to these characters so they can get up to speed.

Spoilers to follow!

For instance, you don’t need to know who the likes of Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt are when they show up as we get a quick explanation of their identities and powers. That’s why it’s so wild that, elsewhere in the movie, a green-skinned magic minotaur is just dropped on the scene without any exposition whatsoever.

During the sequences set at Kamar-Taj, this unique character is depicted among the Masters of the Mystic Arts defending the magic citadel from Scarlet Witch. And that’s pretty much it. As there’s so much else to think about once the movie is over, you probably totally forgot he was even there. But now fans are remembering this guy’s existence and are discussing how bizarre his non-introduction was on Reddit.

Don’t forget that he had a spot in the main credits, too!

Others actually like the fact that he just showed up unannounced, feeling that it fits the madness of the movie’s surreal scope.

Anyone else get Anchorman 2 flashbacks?

Or The Simpsons?

So who is this mystic minotaur? This is Rintrah, as played by Adam Hugill. Despite getting no backstory in the film, his comic book origins are actually pretty convoluted. Rintrah is an alien from the extradimensional planet of R’Vaal who journeyed over to Earth-616 and became an apprentice of Stephen Strange. Honestly, that sounds like the premise of an epic Disney Plus show from where I’m standing.

Catch Rintrah in action in Doctor Strange 2, blowing up in cinemas now.

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