Doctor Strange 2 Rumored To Release Next Year


As the title of Avengers: Endgame has shown us, even in death, Doctor Strange still casts a shadow over the events of the MCU. What’s more, if it wasn’t obvious enough that the character won’t be staying dead for very long, we’ve already had it confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will be returning for Doctor Strange 2, and he’ll be bringing his old co-star Benedict Wong along for the ride, too.

Of course, Doctor Strange helmsman Scott Derrickson will also be back on board and with all the pieces starting to fall into place now, fans are beginning to wonder when we may actually see the sequel materialize. Surely, it’ll arrive at some point during Phase 4, but when, exactly, will it hit theaters?

Well, that remains to be seen, but in a new piece by Deadline, they claim that Doctor Strange 2 is being rumored for a 2020 release, alongside the Black Widow movie.

Not revealed — what the Marvel movies will be for 2020 for the new merger.  Word is that will come to reveal itself after Avengers: Endgame opens at the end of the month. Rumors have been that it’s Black Widow standalone movie and Doctor Strange 2. 

Again, this is far from confirmed and remains as a rumor for now, but with the stars and director of the film already set, it’s not too hard to see Doctor Strange 2 heading into production shortly ahead of a late 2020 release. Then again, with Marvel still keeping quiet on their Phase 4 plans, who knows what they might be cooking up for the sequel?

In any case, once Anthony and Joe Russo have had their fun with Stephen Strange, Scott Derrickson will take over and though we still have a lot to learn about Doctor Strange 2, we imagine that the character will go on to play an even more prominent role in Marvel’s Phase 4. After all, someone’s going to need to fill the void left by all of the inevitable casualties that occur in the upcoming Infinity War sequel, right?

Source: Deadline