Benedict Cumberbatch And Benedict Wong Confirmed For Doctor Strange 2


The recent title reveal of next year’s Avengers: Endgame has made it all too clear that even in death, Doctor Strange casts a shadow on the events of the MCU. What’s more, if it wasn’t obvious enough that the character won’t be staying dust for long, THR has just confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will be coming back for Doctor Strange 2, and he’ll be bringing his old co-star Benedict Wong along with him.

The casting news was mentioned in a piece announcing the return of Doctor Strange helmsman Scott Derrickson to the series, with the Sinister director said to be reuniting with the two Benedicts and potentially Christine Palmer actress Rachael McAdams. And while none of this comes across as especially surprising, it’s still nice to know for sure after months of Cumberbatch keeping tight-lipped on his future in the franchise.

As it stands, plot details are non-existent, probably because the search for a writer is only just getting underway, but it’s said that Marvel Studios is planning to start production on Doctor Strange 2 in 2020, with a potential release in May 2021.

By then, the Marvel universe will probably be a very different place, and Strange himself seems set play a key role in shaping this future. Tom Holland has already let it slip that Cumberbatch will have some lines about the Quantum Realm in the upcoming Endgame, with this mysterious place widely predicted to be of crucial importance to Marvel’s Phase 4. And with the Avengers: Infinity War sequel likely to trim down the franchise’s cast list, you can imagine that Stephen will soon be a more prominent player than ever in the saga.

Either way, it’s clear that both Strange and Wong will be living to see the end of Phase 3, and while we still have much to learn about Doctor Strange 2, we’re curious to find out what adventures await in the trippiest corners of the MCU.