‘Doctor Strange 2’ stars admit they’re confused by the MCU’s multiverse

doctor strange 2
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

The multiverse might be fairly new concept after only really being introduced into the MCU in Loki‘s sixth and final episode, but the impact has already been felt in the jaw-dropping Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course, things are about to get taken to an entirely new level when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes to theaters this Friday, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands the ins and outs.

Alternate realities, fractured timelines, variants, and all the rest can be confusing for audiences, but at least we know that the cast of the movie are in the exact same boat. Speaking to ComicBook at the red carpet premiere, Benedict Wong admitted it took him a while to wrap his head around how it all fits together.

“I think for us, it took a couple of weeks, definitely. And we labeled them — 615, 616 — inside some sort of quantum field that’s happening at the same time.”

Wong’s co-star Xochitl Gomez didn’t have it easy in her MCU debut, with the America Chavez star immediately having to get to grips with what’s shaping up to be the franchise’s most ambitious slice of storytelling yet.

“Also, putting sticky notes of who’s in each one and all that. Especially, when you’re shooting, one day it’s part of this scene, the next day, it’s this whole other part of the script. It can get a little confusing, so definitely having notes of which universe and all that.”

They got there in the end, but not without a batch of extensive reshoots, and we’ll be finding out tomorrow whether or not Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will live up to expectations when the embargo lifts.