Doctor Strange Director Wants To Helm New Constantine Movie

Keanu Reeves Constantine

Earlier this year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hit a speed bump when Scott Derrickson split from the project due to creative differences with Marvel. The news that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is likely taking over the reins is exciting, for sure, but fans of Derrickson are disappointed that we won’t get to see him make the horror-infused comic book movie he’s been waiting to make since he signed up to do 2016’s Doctor Strange and had to tone down the weirdness to keep the studio happy.

Could Derrickson hop over to DC though and make a supernatural superhero film for them instead? It seems possible, as the filmmaker has just made his interest in a certain occult character in DC’s library known on Twitter. One fan asked Derrickson if he would be up for helming a Justice League Dark film for Warner Bros., to which he responded: “I’d do Constantine.”

Justice League Dark, which has been in development hell over at WB for years now, would feature John Constantine as the leader of the group, but it seems the ensemble element of that movie doesn’t appeal to Derrickson and he’d rather just do a standalone vehicle for the Hellblazer. Well, luckily for him, that could be arranged, as a new take on the hero is said to be in development.

There’s some debate behind the scenes though, according to our intel, over whether to get Keanu Reeves back to do a loose sequel to his 2005 film or whether to go in a more comic-accurate direction and recast the role with a more authentic Constantine – Dan Stevens, maybe? Either way, Derrickson would be a strong choice to direct it. Poaching another Marvel director to make one of their movies has worked well for WB in the case of The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn, after all.

Would you like to see Doctor Strange‘s Scott Derrickson helm a Constantine film for DC, though? Share your opinions in the usual place down below.