‘Doctor Strange’ director Scott Derrickson unhappy with Disney Plus changes

doctor strange
Image via Marvel Studios

We’re a few months away from the next solo outing for the Sorceror Supreme, but Scott Derrickson has made headlines about his disappointment with a change made to his Doctor Strange film upon its Disney Plus release.

If it isn’t sequel Multiverse of Madness getting hit with delay after delay and then being subjected to significant reshoots, it’s original director Scott Derrickson lambasting Disney and Marvel Studios for changing the aspect ratio of the opener for the MCU’s IMAX-enhanced viewing experience.

Scott Derrickson voiced his displeasure with the streaming service’s changes to his film via his Twitter, and it’s a fair shout by the Sinister director.

It’s an interesting ethical dilemma, with the streaming service clearly not acknowledging how the directorial talent would like their films to be presented to home audiences, even though Derrickson has now gone public with his concerns. The most likely outcome is that absolutely nothing will come of this, but we’ll see if anyone besides the Doctor Strange helmsman voices their disapproval.

Scott Derrickson left Multiverse of Madness after creative differences with Marvel, but will still serve as an executive producer for the sequel, with Sam Raimi coming on board as director for the multiverse traversing sequel.