Doctor Strange Will Reportedly Fight 2 Avengers In Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange

It seems Stephen Strange will have his hands full in his upcoming sequel. When Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was announced, we discovered that Elizabeth Olsen would star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as Scarlet Witch. And with WandaVision now unfolding weekly on Disney Plus, fans are increasingly getting the feeling that Wanda might be more of a threat to the Sorcerer Supreme than a friend. Could the heroes come to blows in the movie, then?

It’s certainly looking that way. In fact, it’s possible that Strange may end up facing off against not one but two Avengers in Doctor Strange 2. Insider Daniel Richtman recently shared that Chris Evans’ reported return as Captain America will involve him playing an evil alternate version of Cap from another universe who’s loyal to HYDRA. And in a follow-up bit of intel, Richtman is now confirming that Strange will come to blows with both Scarlet Witch and HYDRA Cap in his sequel.

We can probably assume that the latter will only have a cameo in Doctor Strange 2 while Wanda will be a much bigger presence, with Strange and Scarlet Witch’s magical conflict being a major component of the film. Nonetheless, a Strange vs. Cap set piece could be one of the sequel’s highlights. Just imagine Strange’s mystical abilities versus a corrupt Cap’s strength and power.

Remember, Stephen Strange will also act as Peter Parker’s latest mentor in Spider-Man 3, which is likely setting up the opening of the multiverse ahead of DS2. And WandaVision is known to be directly leading into the movie. The pieces should start falling together pretty soon, then, ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hitting theaters in March 2022. Production is currently on hold in the UK, but will start up again shortly.