Doctor Strange Screenwriter Jon Spaihts Is Game For Sequel


After pulling in a mighty $600 million at the international box office, thereby becoming Marvel’s most successful solo movie yet, Doctor Strange is very much in vogue. What makes the Sorcerer Supreme’s cinematic success all the more impressive is that, up until the beginning of 2015, Strange was arguably one of the more obscure characters buried in the pages of Marvel Comics.

But just like the Guardians of the Galaxy before him, Doctor Strange seemingly has a bright future lying in wait, and Benedict Cumberbatch has already confirmed his place in Avengers: Infinity War. But what of his character’s fate beyond 2018? If one were to only look at the numbers, a Doctor Strange 2 reads like a no-brainer, but so far, Marvel has remained hush-hush. Perhaps the sequel actually occupies one of those three, as-yet-mysterious 2020 films? The jury’s still out on that one.

Regardless, should the stars align, screenwriter Jon Spaihts has revealed to The Playlist that he’d be willing to return for Doctor Strange 2, even sharing some of his own ideas for where Strange should head next. First up, the scribe – who also holds a credit on Sony’s Passengers – addressed whether he’ll be in contention for the part.

Spaihts: I think Marvel would certainly be very receptive. Everything in Hollywood is a function of schedules, so it would be a matter of that thing coming around at a time when I can make some availability and everybody else’s timetables work out. I imagine they would be receptive to collaborating again, and I would certainly be delighted to get back for the workshop.

The Playlist: If Scott Derrickson and Marvel said to you, “Listen Jon, schedules don’t work, but give us one thing that you definitely want in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ and we’ll make sure it’s in there.” What’s the thing you tell them?

Spaihts: Oh, that’s fantastic. I don’t know that there would be just be one answer, but it would be about looking at a kind of magic, a dimension of magic. In different comic lines we’ve explored different threads. There’s a magic in dreams. There’s chaos magic. There’s elemental magic. There’s so many ways to talk about sorcery. I’d want to look at one of those. But it’s really about matchmaking a school of magic with a villain, an antagonist, and there’s a few amazing ones that I’d love to see him meet. That’s what it would be about.

Providing Marvel continues the adventures of the Sorcerer Supreme, what would you like to see in a Doctor Strange 2? Let us know by commenting down below.