Doctor Strange Villains Revealed


Marvel’s Phase 2 is currently underway, so it’s only natural that news and rumors about Phase 3 are going to be saturating the web all the way up until when the third phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe reaches the big screen. One movie that we know is coming during that time is Doctor Strange, and there now appears to be confirmation about which villains the sorcerer supreme will be facing off against.

The folks over at Latino Review say they can now, 100% tell us who the villains for the film are. Ready? Those devious evil-doers will be Mordo, Dormmamu, and the Giant Mindless One.

It definitely makes sense to go with the whole Dormmamu/Mordo story for the first film. As I wrote last fall when discussing 10 Marvel characters who deserve films, Mordo would have to be the main villain for this film. Two sorcerers of equal power with polar opposite motives would make for an incredible battle. But even better than that battle, the battle to end all, would be Doctor Strange vs Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

I say take this film to another dimension, and let Strange battle the ruler of it, with the goal of not only saving a city, or America, or even our world, but our entire dimension! I mean, come on, if that’s done well it could be one of the greatest superhero battles on film of all time.

Strange wouldn’t be who he is if it weren’t for Mordo, and Dormmamu is unremovably weaved in that story. Also, for those who aren’t familiar, the Giant Mindless Ones are extra-dimensional creatures who do the bidding of others through magic. They don’t have any will of their own (hence the whole “mindless” thing).

What do you think of these villains for Doctor Strange? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.