The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film


Jeremy Renner has made it clear that he feels he was underutilized in The Avengers, yet Hawkeye was still a fan favorite, so why not give the character his own film?

It seems that as much as people love watching characters with superpowers, people become incredibly invested to the relatability of heroes who create their own power, as Hawkeye does. It would be really cool to get to see the full arsenal of his trick arrows, and all the things that such an expert marksman is able to do with them.

The beginning story arc where he assists the Black Widow in attempting to defeat Iron Man will probably be avoided due to where the Marvel films currently are on the Universe’s timeline. However, that would make for a very good plot if they wanted to give his backstory, and it obviously ties very well into the characters that are already cast.

Or they could  just skip the backstory altogether and dive straight into his epic battle with Crossfire and his marriage to Mockingbird. Any chance to see another beautiful actress as a superhero would be celebrated by fans, and the partnership between Hawkeye and Mockingbird makes for one of the most badass couples in superhero lore.

The film should be made in the near future as well, while Jeremy Renner is still tied in with the role. The actor really did do great work as Hawkeye, and he seems to be getting better with every film he’s in. Let him be Hawkeye again, not hypnotized, on screen for a full 2 hours, and make an awesome movie out of it.

Dr. Strange

We already know that Guillermo del Toro expressed his fandom for Marvel‘s iconic sorcerer, and that Marvel wants this movie to get done, so why isn’t it already in the works?

Dr. Strange’s backstory could be handled a bit like Batman Begins meets Kill Bill plus a dash of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone. Stay with me now.

For those who don’t know, Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon who was in a horrible car accident, which severely damaged the nerves in his hands, leaving him unable to continue as a doctor. In a desperate search for healing, he travels to Tibet where it is rumored that the mystical Ancient One resides.

The Ancient One at first refuses to treat Strange, but agrees after Strange acts unselfishly when he attempts to stop Mordo, the Ancient One’s pupil, from attacking the Ancient One. He then studies under the Ancient One, ultimately gaining the knowledge that he later uses to defend the defenseless as Dr. Strange.

See, successful man goes away to Asia, learns how to fight from an eccentric master, and that fighting he is taught is mostly magic.

Mordo would have to be the main villain for this film. Two sorcerers of equal power, with polar opposite motives would make for an incredible battle. But even better than that battle, the battle to end all, would be Dr. Strange vs Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

I say take this film to another dimension, and let Strange battle the ruler of it, with the goal of not only saving a city, or America, or even our world, but our entire dimension! I mean, come on, if that’s done well it could be one of the greatest superhero battles on film of all time.

Strange could also be another chance for Marvel to capitalize on the Iron Man phenomenon of people loving charismatic, arrogant, middle-aged heroes. Strange is a bit wiser and more calculated in his moves too, so the perfect choice would be to let Liam Neeson play the role. Or, wait a few years for Orlando Bloom to be old enough. Either way, a Dr. Strange movie would be epic.

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